Rotatory Evaporators

 Rotatory Evaporator We supply quality laboratory rotatory evaporators from LabTech EV series.Download Specifications Catalog | Send Inquiry

Hot Plate Magnetic Stirrer

stirrer Wide range of Magnetic Stirrers with hot plates and Hot plates available for laboratory applications.Download Specifications Catalog | Send Inquiry

High Performance Water Chillers

Wide range of high performance ChillersHigh Performance Water Chillers Catalog | Send Inquiry


digiblock  DigiBlocks from LabTech for your laboratoryDownload DigiBlock Catalog | Send Inquiry

Products for VACUUM PUMP 


NRVP Series Noise Enclosures

 DBL Series Noise Enclosures

 Drain Valve


  Oil Drain Pump


 Vibration dampening

 Products for LAB EQUIPMENT


Ultrasonic Bath Noise Enclosures

Water Chiller
Noise Enclosures

Nitrogen Generator
Noise Enclosures


Dissociator Noise Enclosures

Noise Enclosures for benchtop instruments & devices

Custom Noise Enclosures




Noise Enclosures for UC-CPU 

Soundproofed Racks & Cabinets 

Premium Acoustic Cabinets 


Soundproof IT rackmount cabinets (4U,6U,12U,25U) 

Acoustic racks – MSO Series 

Mini Acoustic Rack Cabinets (4U, 6U, 9U) 

PANBIO specialize in

* Repair / Refurbishing of vacuum pumps oil based/ oil free.

* Environmental  testing and monitoring services

* Lab and site validation services

* Medical research testing / sample analysis services

* Instruments audits / service audits

Volunteers   management / Volunteers data management services

* Diagnostic services and consultancy .